Anne Arnaud

DE Stael style, abstact paintings, oil painting,

Anne Gaelle Arnaud has always painted. She studied the ceramic arts in Vallauris in 2000 and 2001.

She has lived in Biot for nearly 15 years and has always been inspired by abstract art, which comes to her naturally, due to her love of colour, composition and her quest for texture and inspiration.

It is also undoubtedly due to her passion for sculpture and ceramic art which have make her palette knife oil paintings so full of texture and yet sensuous, like clay.

Anne Arnaud’s canvases do not give everything away at first glance. Each time they are perceived a new emotion is released, a red wine colour will flower beneath a vermillion, or the colour gold will subtly scratch at the surface of a celadon, whilst a sienna earth tint will be glimpsed through a mousey grey.

But, despite all of their abstract qualities, Anne Arnaud’s canvases carry within them the reflection of scenes of the Cote D’Azur, the sea which is so close and the light which belongs uniquely to the south, tangible even in stormy weather.

In her canvases, Anne Arnaud reveals to us a bit more of herself; of her calm and intensity, leaving us hanging, awaiting her next revelation.

Anne Arnaud’s art is quoted at Drouot's


Abstract painting, blue and grey painting, de stael style painting, de Staël style, french painter, south of france gallery, st paul de vence, Bel Air gallery, Bartoux galerie, st Paul de vence gallery
Anne Gaelle Arnaud, oil on canvas, triptych, (86,6X23") abstract painting, art gallery, St paul de vence gallery, Bel Air gallery, french riviera, Biot, France, abstract art, horizontal painting
A oil on canvas, triptych 86,6X23"
HORIZON  -french gallery, south of France, Biot, riviera. St paul de vence, gallery, french riviera art gallery, Bartoux, Bel Air, Hurtebize


Anne Arnaud’s art is quoted at Drouot's

Tourist Office Exposition in Biot in 2009/2010, MAMAB

Private Art Exposition in 2010 and in 2011

Art Exposition in the Interiors shop ‘Rouge Pivoine’ in Antibes in 2009

Exposition in the Galerie Demaria in Biot in October, November and December 2011

Contemporary Art Salon in Valbonne in September 2012

GMAC Paris Bastille, November 2012

Les chromalies Avril 2013

Antibes Art Fair April 2013

Antibes Art Fair 2014

Solo show Galerie Gabel nov. 2014

Galerie F.Gollong st Paul de Vence 2014

Galerie les bains-douches mars 2015

Les chromalies Valence Avril 2018

Les nocturnes d'art 2016/2017/2018/2019

Art Montpellier 2018

Art Montpellier 2019

Les chromalies Valence Avril 2015

Salon Sm'art Aix en Provence Mai 2015

Les Nocturnes d'art Biot 2015