Francesca Della Benetta

Francesca Dalla Benetta , Italian sculptor based in Mexico

The artistic path of Francesca Dalla Benetta begins with the studies in the Accademia of Brera’s fine arts, Milan (1999-2003). The interest of Francesca centers on the topic of the hybridacion and contamination. The means she uses in this stage are photography, video art and drawings, mainly in the form of sketches. At the end of her cycle of studies, she elaborates a thesis about the ” cyborg as contemporary hybrid”. The approach to new and alternative materials, in order to create special effects in their videos, leads Francesca to explore the dimension of sculpture and FX in Movies’ Industry. Directed towards this new investigation, she starts to dedicate herself full time to special makeup, in the continuous exploration of her concept key, the transformation of bodies and the deformation, with the aspiration to create a world where reality and dream merge. During this experience, Francesca Dalla Benetta, invited to work in Mel Gibson´s movie, Apocalypto, comes to Mexico, where she decides to stay, and for 3 years more she has devoted herself to the special effects. During the last months of 2009, the need to give place and attention to the creation of her own universe leads Francesca to return to her origins, stepping outside the world of the cinema, to embrace sculpture and other means The new undertaken choice is based on a strong concept, a great impulse to experiment, supported by a wide knowledge of new materials, where the self-taught inspiration meets cinematographic realism. The research is still directed toward the bizarre and the grotesque, with greater attention to the search of sensations through fine textures and details.