Almerinda Gillet

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Born in 1966 in Leria ( Portugal), Almerinda Gillet lives and works in Eastern Paris.

Professional photographer, she starts her career working in a photographic laboratory. She was then especially noted  for her black and white prestige silver print. In addition to her technique in silver printing, she specialized herself in reportage shooting and studio photography. She founded in 1991, D’un Autre Oeil Agency with Alain Gillet.

Sensitive to working with her own hands, in 2016 she started working with ceramics as a creative material. Continuing her photography practice, she associates this new medium of ceramics to her artistic vision. She reproduces her feelings in her works by returning to the most natural and by redefining the duality between the exterior and the interior.

When she creates in "colombin" or in « plaques", she reconnects with to her first practice, when she hand-printed her silver photographs. Each work is unique: the alliance of an idea with emotions, which reveal the imprints of her hands and the connexion between the gesture and the volcanic depth of the Earth. 

Almerinda Gillet's work fits perfectly into our life as functional objects but also as autonomous works that create through their raw poetry a return to the essence of a mineral nature.