Gordon Hopkins

Gordon Hopkins an american artist, born 1965. His work finds its strength

in his unique technique and use of strong color.  He often sets the

outline of everyday objects over layers of color, building up the

material using Oil bar and paint.Patterns, forms, fish,gardens to

landscapes are some of the the many subjects in  his work. Currently

living and working in Brussels Belgium and through his travels throughout Europe

he gathers new ideas and images for his paintings.

“ In my work as an artist it is very important for me to explore the

use of bold colors with many layers, repetition and larger then life format.

I like to accentuate or exaggerate a sometimes ordinary object or image. 

The composition often breaks down into an imaginary world of outlines and

colorful backgrounds creating depth and movement.” His representation

emphasizes the beauty and perhaps overlooked context of our natural surroundings.

He works primarily with oil bar, and oil paint on linen and board. 

Gordon's work brings with it a sense of exploration, an interpretation of our

surroundings from his point of view, filled with color and a sense of joy. 

“It is often just the simple form that can have a great impact and become very important in my work.” 

The imaginary garden.


Group expositions

2020 Casa Colon, Yucatan Mexico

2018-2020 Art22 Brussels Belgium

2018-2020 Visus Galerie, Lasne Belgium

2015-2020 Galerie Arnaud Bard, Boulogne  Billancourt France

2016-2020 Galerie Gabel, Biot France

2008-2020 Galerie Liehrmann, Liege, Belgium.

2013 -2020 Galerie Glineur St Martin  Ile d Re

2010-2020 Galerie collégiale  Lille

2008-2020 La galerie Hossegor France

2015 Cube gallery, London England

2012 Galerie Daniel Bissiche, Knokke. Belgium.

2010  Borgi gallery Engelwood NJ USA.

2010 -2012  Galerie Liehrmann, Liege, Belgium.

2010  Baltazar, Brussels ,Belgium.

2010  Lineart. Gent, Belgium.

2010  Affordable art fair, Amsterdam,NL . 

2007  Santa Fe art fair, USA.

2007 - 10 New York Affordable art fair. USA. 

2007 Miami contemporary art fair, Miami Florida, USA 

2007 Palm Beach contemporary art fair, Palm beach, USA 

2007 Art DC, Washington DC, USA.

2010 Affordable art fair , London, UK. 

2005 Jenny Granger Gallery, Whitstable, UK. 

2005 Belgravia gallery, London, UK. 

2003-2006 Belgrave gallery, St Ives, Cornwall UK. 

2003-2006 Santa Barbara Art Co, Santa Barbara, Ca USA.

2001-2005 Lemon street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall UK.  

2001-Gallery One on One, Brussels, Belgium. 

1999.2000 Open studios, San Francisco, Ca USA. 

1994 AVA Gallery, Hanover, NH USA.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Art Zurich international, Zurich, Switzerland.

2009 Galerie Baltazar, Brussels, Belgium.

2008 - 2012 Galerie Liehrmann, Liege, Belgium.

2007 Gallery Baltazar, Brussels, Belgium. 

2006 Galerie Dautcourt, 38 rue minimes 1000 Bruxelles. 

2006 Jenny Granger Gallery, “points of View” Whitstable, UK. 

2005 Open studio, “summer patterns” London, UK. 

2005 Pall mall deposit, London, UK. 

2004 Open studio, “ The simple things” Brussels, Belgium. 

2000 Open studio, Santa Barbara, CA. USA