Frank Eric Zeidler

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Born in 1953 in Winnipeg, Canada, to German parents, Frank Eric Zeidler was convinced from an early age that he was to become an artist and received his first lessons from his mother who told him that if you can draw the human figure you can draw anything at all.

In 1971 he enrolled at the University of British Columbia (UBC, Vancouver, Canada) to study art, eventually pursuing further studies in Vienna, (Austria) Winnipeg, (Canada) and then back in Vancouver where, under the tutelage of the renowned Canadian artist Gordon Smith, he earned a degree in Art Education.

A future as an art teacher was not to be though, instead, he was employed with various engineering firms in Vancouver. So began a long period of work, painting and travel. In the early 1980’s a return to drawing allowed Frank to find the source of creativity within himself. A further trip to France in the spring of 1988 led to a vision of the link between the individual and the environment and it was this essential connection between person and earth that laid the groundwork for his rebirth as an artist.

In 2011 the inauguration of the Drawing of the Day on his website has provided an ongoing platform for the evolution of his creativity and visual poetry.

In 2014 Frank Eric Zeidler relocated to Grasse, France, where he has re-established his studio and career, absorbing French culture and the Mediterranean sun

Depuis  2014, Frank Zeidler est installé en France, à Grasse, où il poursuit sa carrière artistique et absorbe l’influence culturelle française ainsi que la lumière méditerranéenne.