bronze unique sculpture

Born on the 2nd of February 1966 in Toulon in the Var, Miss. George is a graduate from the l'École Nationale des Beaux-Arts (The National School of Fine Art) of Lyon and also attained in 1992 a degree entitled `Diplome National Supérieur d'Expressions Plastiques,’ which she passed with high merit.

DNAP - Diplôme national d'art plastiques 

George often surprises people due to her diverse range of styles and assorted means of expression; from her poetic and mythological bronze ladies, to her monumental surrealist sculptures, or to her digital art. For the Gabel Gallery, her “Doodle” is inspired by ragdolls. Each one is a unique bronze piece which captures an ethereal moment, an idea, the events of a single day, an hour, a second…

Dressed… possessed by these stories, they carry with them a coin, a fish bone, a branch, a button, zips; they are prey to their creator’s inspiration…

Each Doodle carries on its leg the date and hour of its “birth” which renders each one original, exceptional.

A sure bet that George has more surprises up her sleeve through her diverse art forms in the coming years… an artist to follow…

Monumental sculpture