Serge Mendjisky

Serge Mendjisky,monotype, collage, decoupage,bandes

Serge Menjisky was born in 1929, and lives and works in Paris, after having spent more than 20 years in Saint Paul de Vence.

For 40 years he devoted himself to Divionism Art (also known as Chromoluminarism- a characteristic style in Neo-Impressionist painting), which he himself helped to evolve with his inspirations.

In 2000, he became interested in photography and gave it a pictoral dimention applied to Divisionist canons.

Using hundreds of his clichés, which he has worked upon, cut up and subsequently stuck to canvas, he reorganises space and time in urban landscapes which he particularly loves.

“Serge Mendjisky uses techniques of deconstruction and perspective nourished by his cubist vision of his environment.” Patricia Medjisky